Progeny of Light; Scourge of Shadow

The Dark God Izrador has the known world in a choke hold. His forces have divided the known continent, his orc army is destroying everything in its path. The world of men, elves, dwarves, and all other creatures of Eredane lies down in utter agony as the darkness falls upon the land as a symphony of death and suffering.

The earth itself knew from the day of the sundering that the evil in the north would spread like a disease upon its surface and told the elven Witch Queen Aradil of what was to come. As the body of the feverish man fights infection, nature will do the same. From the foundations the earth will emerge individuals with strange and powerful gifts. Powers to fight the Shadow, the ability to restore the light upon a world helplessly cast into darkness. The moment of truth has come as the last vestiges of hope desperately try to regroup.

From the cold plains in the north, to Erethor passing by the Kaladrun Mountains must the Children of Aryth travel in order to seek all their members. Only once they are all gathered in the confines of the elven forest can a true liberation effort be deployed.

The small city of Blackmoor is ruled by a Legate named Treshan. Stereotypically evil and brooding, he is the bane of all who live in the area. He is vain, paranoid and quick to anger. All qualities as far as Izrador is concerned… Although he is not overly cautious about a rebellion from the population, he does however have sharp qualms about his superiors as being stuck in the middle of nowhere goes against his aspirations and wonders if he didn’t fall prey to some foul plan.

A small group of villagers will discover that they are more than mere slaves to the Shadow. This campaign is about those people who rise up against the oppression. Can these men and women face up to an angry god? With all that oppose them, are their efforts doomed to fail?

Midnight: Age of Shadows